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Hot trend in online-education investment: increasing market value over 160 billion RMB
4/24/14 10:25 PM  |  Life

Recently in Chinese market, increasing companies and organizations are transferring their focus to online education filed. Not only the leading three, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT), but also many investment organizations have started their new plans regarding to that newly developed industry. As expressed by a practitioner, after traditional industries like retail business, catering, financing and taxi calling service, education industry is not the next one which will be greatly impacted by Internet. In China, Internet penetration reate has risen from 23% by 2008 to 45% by 2013. Along with continuous and rapid development of Internet, a transfer of development from offline to online regarding to education will become a inevitable trend in Chinese market. 

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From products to services: the activation by competitions between Tencent and Alibaba of the market
4/24/14 10:12 PM  |  Business  

As described by practitioners of mobile Internet, the market is now dramatically activated by competitions between Alibaba and Tencent. The two companies have both been expanding and developing their own business strategies. Along with rapid development of mobile payment, Internet Finance and O2O market, many traditional service fields including traditional retail business have been also innovated by new Internet thinking. In other words, an entirely new Internet market might be activated by competitions between magnates. Compared with traditional Internet modes, connections between online and offline business are significantly tight. Rapid growth of offline business could not only promote the payment business, but also boost the development of online business. And this is the key reason of competing on offline business between Alibaba and Tencent. The two magnates’ competition would significantly make traditional enterprises like commercial bank and chain department integrate into the mobile Internet business market. The mobile Internet industry will enter into an increasing and overall development. Those traditional enterprises could also have more opportunities for further development and expansion. 

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Low-carbon Development Trend of Economy & Society of China
4/17/14 12:54 AM  |  Life  

Developing low-carbon economy is the main trend in the worldwide environment. Developed countries and areas, like the Europe, Japan and United States, have plenty of successful experiences which could be learned from in establishing low-carbon cities. Over the next decade, in China, carbon emissions of low-carbon production, living, working and resource environment would be decreased in total. The service industry has its outstanding advantages including less energy consumption, higher efficiency and less pollution. The industry has already been the major trend of worldwide economy development at present. The service industry in China is now still at the stage of structure adjustment and transformation, and also developing along with Industry. Generally, there is still much room for improvement in Chinese service industry. 

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Marketization of interest rate: competition between traditional banks and Internet finance
4/17/14 12:53 AM  |  Business

At this point, the rapid rise of Internet finance industry has been forcing the traditional banks to seek for effective transform. In recent years, the Internet finance industry has been surprisingly growing. By deeply affecting the ordinary people’s life, the rapid development has also pushed traditional banks’ transform and innovation forward. As described by Renminbi deposit data recently published, the data by January has been reduced by 940.2 billion. This significant decrease of deposit data clearly showed the important and obvious impacts by Internet finance. By combining traditional banks’ features and Internet spirits, Internet finance is now breaking the monopolisation ear of traditional banks.

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Market-based measures: to control the “big city malaise”
4/15/14 11:16 PM  |  Life  

Generally speaking, every city has its own ultimate bearing capacity. If a country’s population is concentrated in several certain areas, it won’t be beneficial to sustainable and balanced development. During the period between 2000 and 2010, the annual growth of permanent resident population in Beijing has been over 800,000. From 2012 to 2013, the figure was over 500,000. In 2012, the population of Beijing has been 20.69 million, which is far more than the previous estimate figure of 20 million in the year of 2020. Control of population scale is very necessary to Beijing. But the control method shall be based on the fact and according with market disciplines. Dispersal is more suitable to control population than blocking. 


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