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Low-carbon Development Trend of Economy & Society of China
4/17/14 12:54 AM  |  Life  

Developing low-carbon economy is the main trend in the worldwide environment. Developed countries and areas, like the Europe, Japan and United States, have plenty of successful experiences which could be learned from in establishing low-carbon cities. Over the next decade, in China, carbon emissions of low-carbon production, living, working and resource environment would be decreased in total. The service industry has its outstanding advantages including less energy consumption, higher efficiency and less pollution. The industry has already been the major trend of worldwide economy development at present. The service industry in China is now still at the stage of structure adjustment and transformation, and also developing along with Industry. Generally, there is still much room for improvement in Chinese service industry. 

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Marketization of interest rate: competition between traditional banks and Internet finance
4/17/14 12:53 AM  |  Business

At this point, the rapid rise of Internet finance industry has been forcing the traditional banks to seek for effective transform. In recent years, the Internet finance industry has been surprisingly growing. By deeply affecting the ordinary people’s life, the rapid development has also pushed traditional banks’ transform and innovation forward. As described by Renminbi deposit data recently published, the data by January has been reduced by 940.2 billion. This significant decrease of deposit data clearly showed the important and obvious impacts by Internet finance. By combining traditional banks’ features and Internet spirits, Internet finance is now breaking the monopolisation ear of traditional banks.

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Market-based measures: to control the “big city malaise”
4/15/14 11:16 PM  |  Life  

Generally speaking, every city has its own ultimate bearing capacity. If a country’s population is concentrated in several certain areas, it won’t be beneficial to sustainable and balanced development. During the period between 2000 and 2010, the annual growth of permanent resident population in Beijing has been over 800,000. From 2012 to 2013, the figure was over 500,000. In 2012, the population of Beijing has been 20.69 million, which is far more than the previous estimate figure of 20 million in the year of 2020. Control of population scale is very necessary to Beijing. But the control method shall be based on the fact and according with market disciplines. Dispersal is more suitable to control population than blocking. 


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Why is organic food so popular in China?
4/15/14 11:08 PM  |  Life  

In recent years, organic food has been increasingly a new favorite of a certain number of newly wealthy in China. With similar components, tags with “Organic” could make the food value doubled. On a Chinese E-business website, the price of organic rice is almost 3 times of that of regular rice. Why does the consumer would like to spend the price several times of regular on food with “Organic”? Food safety incidents occurred frequently in China recently. The fact has made the public has increasing concerns about the safety issue of food. In that case, many organic foods in the market, including vegetables, rice and others, have attracted a large group of consumers by their stunts of “nutritional and healthy”. Even though many research and media exposed potential problems of organic food, there are still a certain number of consumers in China becoming loyal to the tag “Organic and Green”. By satisfying their worship of nature and need of consumption upgrading, buying organic food has become a belief of life and, not just a choice of consumption. 

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Traditional business mode to be subverted by Internet: the era of free hardware?
4/13/14 10:33 PM  |  Tech

There are some sayings that, the traditional business mode has been now subverted by the Internet, through extremely reducing the price of expensive items, even for free. In the past year of 2013, traditional manufacturers of household appliance have faced unexpectedly fierce competition from Internet companies. During the particular year, some television brands born out of Internet entered into traditional household appliance market, in which LeTV, Xiaomi and iQIYI are as the representative, by causing shock to traditional manufacturers by new pricing system and price war. These brands are not really aim for selling television products with high performance and low price, but for subverting the business mode of traditional television industry through profits of product and the following after-sale service.

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