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“Intelligent made in China”: increasingly developing along with 4G.
5/9/14 11:35 PM  |  Tech

The technique of 3G has obviously changed the information consuming mode by consumers, which has brought Chinese information industry from the time of voice to that of mobile Internet. And now 4G, has been positive to motivate “Made in China” forward to “Intelligent made in China”. With expansion of 4G network, the industrial chain of mobile Internet will be reconstructed. And also, Chinese economy will achieve its transform to “informationisation & intellectualisation”. 4G’s rapid expansion has been influencing the Internet financing industry, retail enterprises and O2O as well as B2B fields. Not only connecting among people, 4G is also helpful to connect people with products, as well as products themselves. All of those sectioned parts have been composed of the entirely new plan, “Intelligent made in China”. 

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Beat Beats: the Vow.
5/9/14 11:24 PM  |  Tech

Last September, in China, Chen Ge, a super music lover, established his company, XingJu Network Technology Co., Ltd. By that time, the company introduced its first series of product: the first intelligent headphone, Vow. The product has been firstly introduced on Music Expo of America by April. As identified by Chen Ge, Vow is designed with orientation of closely following the worldwide famous headphone brand, Beats. But he is intending to make and improve the platform to a social network directly connecting celebrities and fans, “ To some extent, it is likely what Jobs did to Music industry by his iTunes.”

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More from the “JD+” programme or not?
5/8/14 11:59 PM  |  Tech

With stocks accounted by 15%, Tencent has become an important shareholder of JD. By this business cooperation, JD would continuously maintain its independence. While that, Tencent has decided to incorporate its QQ electric business as well as its logistics department into JD’s business scope. However, there are more attentions on that, whether the entire development structure of intelligent hardware would be changed, or not. 

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The “Internet” Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC MOTOR)
5/8/14 11:20 PM  |  Business

On March 27th, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.(SAIC MOTOR) officially introduced its electric business platform, CHEXIANG.com. Nine self-owned and joint-venture brands of SAIC MOTOR and over 120 distributors in 8 cities of China have been all incorporated into the platform. It is becoming more convenient to customers to buy a motor-car on Internet. Along with increasing impacts by Internet to traditional industries, SAIC MOTOR has been considering to apply the Internet sense to automotive business

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Combination of Caffebene and China Merchants Bank’s neighborhood branch: for a shortcut to creation and more business potential
5/6/14 11:45 PM  |  Business

In the traditional sense, there is hardly connection between a cafe and a bank. However, China Merchants Bank (CMB) and Caffebene recently has established a Cafe-Bank branch, combining the coffee service and banking business in one location. Caffebene provides guarantee to investor and CMB provides loans to cooperators. By march of 2014, Caffebene has established agreements with CMB’s branches in 14 cities of China. Both parties are to research the other’s customers and explore for more cooperation potential. What CMB expected is to help its customers apply for banking services in a Cafe-Bank branch filled with convenience, ease and pleasure. And this has been to happen now. Cafe-Bank is now an extremely effective approach by CMB to compete with its existing and potential competitors. 

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